The Tasmanian State Government is changing the Planning law in ways that are causing multiple and widespread community concerns. 

For information provided by the Government about these Planning reforms, go to

  • For the Tasmanian State Planning Provisions (SPPs) Tasmanian Planning Scheme click here. 
  • For the government's Explanatory Document on the Draft SPPs click here.

Representations: Over 300 representations (submissions) from the public covering more than 3,000 issues were made in relation to the new draft State Planning Provisions. These representations are available on the government's iplan website at under reviews and hearings, and search on SPP. Or for easier, user-friendly access, click here and scroll down to documents.

Submissions of particular interest include those from:

  • Local Councils, many of whom shared numerous and significant concerns about the proposed State Planning Provisions. For example, Hobart City Council sought over 300 changes to the Draft SPPs; Kingborough Council identified numerous issues; and Launceston submitted a representation covering 89 issues in their submission to the Tasmanian Planning Commission.
  • University of Tasmania, Geography & Spatial Science submission - click here for the full submission.
  • Community interest groups such as the Friends of the East Coast submission - click here; and North East Bioregional Network Submission - click here.

  • Numerous concerned members of the public - for an example submission, click here.


For additional information and resources see Why These Planning Changes Matter.