The issue:

There is growing community dissatisfaction with the current Tasmanian Government's approach to Planning and the new statewide Planning Scheme law reforms which favour short-term ad hoc commercial development at the expense of community and environmental values and our collective future well-being. 

Our vision:

The Tasmanian Planning Information Network's (TasPIN) vision is for a statewide Planning system delivering the best possible sustainable future for Tasmania's social, economic and environmental well-being.

Our mission:

TasPIN is focusing on acceptable solutions and best practice planning to ensure liveable, healthy and connected communities.

What TasPIN is calling for:

  • Sound, integrated, outcomes-focused strategic planning to guide the best possible sustainable future;
  • Planning processes that inform, inspire, involve, and are trusted by the community. Read more.


  • NEXT TasPIN MEETING - Tuesday 11 February 2020 at the Philip Smith Building on the Glebe - directions below. Please feel welcome to come along and get involved in our TasPIN working group discussions and activities. Help us raise community awareness of the importance of good Planning and secure political commitment for a visionary statewide Planning system that protects what is special and guides the best possible sustainable future for Tasmania.

VENUE: Phillip Smith Building on the Glebe. Access is from Edward St. Look for a driveway about halfway down Edward St that leads directly to the front door of the Centre. It's the big brick building closest to the road. You will need to park on the street, but that is usually relatively easy at 5.30pm as most commuters will have left by then. See map.

TIME: 5.30pm - 7.30pm

We encourage everyone to engage positively and constructively at all levels to build momentum for an exemplary Planning system for Tasmania. 

We invite you to join our growing network of TasPIN supporters in Hobart and across Tasmania.To receive email updates, details of our meetings, make a donation or offer other support, please contact us.  Indicate which level of correspondence you would like to receive:

1. REGULAR: receive regular email updates about TasPIN meetings and related Planning news and events.

2. OCCASIONAL: receive occasional email alerts to major public Planning forums, town-hall meetings, important government consultation processes etc.

3. NONE: No correspondence please, but add my name to TasPIN's list of supporters.


Last updated 30 January 2020