The Tasmanian Planning Information Network (TasPIN) is a voluntary collaboration of community groups, organisations and individuals who are interested in planning matters and want to see a sound planning system guide Tasmania's future.

TasPIN formed in response to community concerns with the planning process and content of the Tasmanian government's proposed state-wide planning reforms—in particular, the Draft State Planning Provisions (Tasmanian Planning Scheme). TasPIN members are interested in a range of planning matters including heritage, zoning, lots sizes and residential densities, provisions for parks and open space, how to protect local character and maintain the quality of Tasmanians' lifestyles, ensuring adequate safeguards for nature and the environment, and the overall Resource Management and Planning System. TasPIN has support from, and links to, a range of professional specialist expertise in planning.

TasPIN's primary focus is on sharing information and raising community awareness about important planning matters, with a view to supporting informed community involvement and contribution to the further development of an improved Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Broadly speaking, TasPIN members are calling for:

  • a better and fairer Tasmanian Planning Scheme that delivers the optimal sustainable future for Tasmania
  • planning processes that inform, inspire, involve, and are trusted by the Tasmanian community.

If you share these interests, TasPIN invites you to join our growing network of supporters. To receive email updates and details of our meetings, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We encourage everyone to engage positively and constructively at all levels.