There is widespread and growing community dissatisfaction with the Tasmanian Government's new statewide Planning Scheme law which favours development at the expense of social and environmental values. Here's what a range of experts and community leaders have to say about the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme and the role of planning.

“Planning Systems should be about far-sightedness and protecting the values we hold most dear, not development at any cost.” - Professor Michael Buxton (RMIT)

“In essence, this Scheme says ‘Develop anything you want wherever you want'...Let us pray that Labor and the Greens rise up in revulsion!”  - Distinguished Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick (UTas)

"There is no discernible vision for Public Planning emanating from this government. Labor recognises the purpose of public planning is to agree, with all Tasmanians, a strategic vision for the future of Tasmania"   - Madeleine Ogilvie (Shadow Minister for Planning)

“Of course this will be an election issue – planning is everything”  - Rosalie Woodruff (Greens Member for Franklin)

"The future of our planning system could well be one of the defining issues for Tasmania over the next 12 months" - The Mercury editorial, 31 October 2016

"Planning is an issue that transcends party politics and generations. It affects everyone and it is time to take politics out of planning" - Anne Harrison (The Mercury 23 Nov 2016)

"A good plan is a vision, a way of seeking and a source of inspiration" - David Walch (Our future, The Mercury 10 Dec 2016)

"In a world of ever more, ever larger megacities, Hobart's charms become increasingly unique" - Richard Flanagan (The Mercury, 6 May 2017)

"Please please please...retain the beauty and charm and individuality of Hobart city...and our state" - Essie Davis (The Mercury, 8 May 2017)

“Planning is about deciding what sort of future we would like to bring about (or perhaps to avoid) and then setting about trying to make it happen. The vision, and our ability to share the vision, is the key.” – Professor Peter Cullen OA (1943-2008)


The Tasmanian Planning Information Network (TasPIN) represents local community organisations and individuals who are very concerned by the State Government's current approach to Planning. TasPIN believes Tasmania deserves a better Planning system that will protect what is special and unique about Tasmania, and facilitate the best possible social, economic and environmental future for the State - not a Planning system that takes a 'development-at-any-cost' approach.

TasPIN is calling for:

  • a Tasmanian Planning system that will deliver the optimal sustainable future for Tasmania
  • planning processes that inform, inspire, involve, and are trusted by the community.

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  • Tuesday 30 May 2017,  5.30 - 7 pm - next TasPIN meeting followed by drinks & dinner

University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay campus, School of Geography building (near Earl St entrance), Room 106 on lower ground floor. Come along and get involved in TasPIN discussions and actions. Help us make Planning the next big election issue in Tasmania.  Followed by drinks and dinner - details to be advised.


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We invite you to join our growing network of TasPIN supporters.To receive email updates, details of our meetings, and/or to offer donations or other support, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As we approach the next state government election, we encourage all Tasmanians to consider carefully the Planning policies and commitments of all political parties. WRITE, SPEAK and VOTE to bring about the changes and improvements you want to see in Tasmania's Planning system.

We encourage everyone to engage positively and constructively at all levels to help bring about an exemplary Planning system for Tasmania.