The Tasmanian Planning Information Network (TasPIN) is made up of individuals, local community groups, and organisations from around the State who share the same concern - that the proposed Statewide Planning Scheme (prepared at the request of the Tasmanian Government) will not deliver the best future for Tasmania. In many ways the proposed provisions will be detrimental to the things Tasmanians care most about - our quality lifestyle and Tasmania's natural and cultural heritage. TasPIN believes Tasmania deserves a sound, community-supported planning system that will deliver the optimal sustainable future for Tasmania.

Shared concerns about the government's proposed new Planning reforms include:

  • The people of Tasmania have not been adequately informed or involved in the process of developing a Statewide Planning Scheme that will affect everyone in the State. For example, a couple of small advertisements placed in the public notices about complex new proposed State Planning reforms is far from adequate communication with the public about such important Planning matters.
  • The composition of the Taskforce set up by this Government to reform Tasmania's Planning system was not appropriately balanced to deliver integrated statewide Planning for Tasmania's optimal sustainable future. The Taskforce was heavily weighted towards the building and development industry - apparently with a focus on making the planning process cheaper and easier for developers. This approach offers short term gain for some, and long-term loss for many.
  • There are serious concerns that Tasmania’s natural and cultural heritage and the quality of Tasmanians' lifestyles will come under threat as a result of the proposed new Planning provisions. Will people have a meaningful say in protecting and shaping the future character of their local area and the places they care about? Will there be generous provisions for parks and open space for all? Will there be adequate safeguards for nature and the environment? Will the quality of Tasmanians' lifestyles be maintained or enhanced - or will inappropriate developments and overcrowding spoil what makes living in Tasmania special?
  • The ability for ordinary citizens to have a say in what happens next door to them, in their local area, and in the places they care about will be greatly reduced or non-existent under the proposed new arrangements.
  • The proposed new Planning Provisions will have far-reaching and irreversible consequences for Tasmania - even more so than the current Interim Planning Schemes which were introduced in 2015 without any input from the citizens of Tasmania and whose impacts are already beginning to be felt around the State. This is not what good planning looks like.

TasPIN's primary focus is on raising community awareness about this proposed Statewide Planning Scheme and community concerns, with a view to supporting informed community involvement and contribution to the further development of an exemplary Tasmanian Planning Scheme. 

Broadly speaking, TasPIN members are calling for:

  • a better and fairer Tasmanian Planning Scheme that delivers the optimal sustainable future for Tasmania
  • planning processes that inform, inspire, involve, and are trusted by the Tasmanian community.

If you share these interests, TasPIN invites you to join our growing network of supporters. To receive email updates and details of our meetings, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We encourage everyone to engage positively and constructively at all levels.

Dates for your diary


  • Tuesday 8 November 2016 - Public Meeting, Hobart Town Hall.  

The Hodgman Government is 'reforming' Tasmania's planning laws to make it easier for developers to gain approvals by weakening protections, watering down assessment rigour and winding back public engagement and opportunities to appeal.This is complex, detailed and happening right now. One day it will affect you - when a development is built in your favourite national park or reserve, when apartments are built overshadowing your backyard or the character and amenity of you neighbourhood is altered for good. Find out more at this upcoming public meeting.

Date: Tuesday 8 November 2016 (World Planning Day)
Time: 1.10 pm – 2 pm
Venue: The Hobart Town Hall, 50 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania

Speakers to include Michael Buxton Professor of Environment and Planning at the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University.

  • Tuesday 15 November 2016 - next TasPIN meeting

UTas School of Geography (near Earl St entrance), Room 106 on lower ground floor.