Planning is of the utmost critical importance to our future well-being and will shape our collective social, economic and ecological future. Before you vote, please consider carefully the Planning policies, commitments and track record of each political party, and look carefully at what every candidate standing for election has to say about Planning matters and their policy positions. Ask what they will do to improve the Planning system so that it works better to deliver important long-term desired outcomes in your local area and statewide across Tasmania. 

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Planning policies and commitments of Tasmania's political parties

Planning policy statements, commitments and stated positions by Tasmania's political parties and/or Planning spokespersons are reproduced below in their own words. Additional information/comments are provided by TasPIN members and/or others as indicated. 

Tasmania's three main political parties are listed below in alphabetical order. New information and resources will be added to this page as they become available.


What the Tasmanian Greens are saying

Articles published in the Mercury:

TasPIN Comment: TasPIN members have generally welcomed the Greens policy on Planning, and consider key strengths include the party's commitments to:

- Overhaul the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, including reviewing the residential zone standards

- Re-brand the Department of State Growth to the Department of State Planning with positions to include state engineer, architect and demographer

- Develop and implement 6 state policies to serve as guidelines for Planning decisions. The six policies will centre on: settlements, transport & infrastructure, climate change, biodiversity management, public consultation, health & wellbeing, and cultural preservation.

- Develop a Population and Settlement Plan to map future housing, transport and suburban service requirements across the state

- Prohibit developments in national parks and guarantee public comment and appeal rights on developments on reserves and crown land  

Others' Comment:

The Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania (PMAT) provided comments in their media release.


What Tasmanian Labor is saying

TasPIN comment: TasPIN members have welcomed the strengthening of Labor's Planning policy to more specifically take account of community concerns on important Planning issues. The revised version of Labor's policy (at 12 February 2018) now includes the text shown in bold below:

"Review of Statewide Planning Scheme and planning systems

12. Labor recognises that it is consistent with best-practice to ensure time and resources are allocated to review, commencing within 6 months of forming government, the performance of the planning system.

13. Labor will ensure that a review is conducted into the new planning system to give everyone in the community the chance to provide input about ways to improve outcomes and ensure our planning framework reflects contemporary community expectations and values. The review scope will include consideration of important planning matters including, but not limited to, residential development standards (as recommended by the Tasmanian Planning Commission), and the community’s right to comment upon, and rights of appeal in relation to, commercial developments in national parks."


What Tasmanian Liberals are saying

TasPIN comment: TasPIN members remain concerned by the Liberal party's approach to Planning and by the recent changes made to Planning laws including the new State Planning Provisions and Major Projects legislation. Key concerns include the side-stepping of meaningful community consultation; State Planning Provisions which favour ad hoc development at the expense of important community values, environment and built heritage; weakening of citizens' rights in relation to proposed developments; and lack of integrated policies across all sectors to guide the delivery of a shared strategic vision of the best possible sustainable future for Tasmania.


 What other parties are saying

TasPIN comment: TasPIN has been unable to find any specific policy statements or commitments on Planning on the Jacqui Lambie Network party's website, and has been unable to make contact with Jacqui to discuss her views and intentions in relation to important Planning matters.


Others' comments and assessments of party Planning Policies

Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania (PMAT)



To read PMAT's scorecard, click here.


Friends of the East Coast Inc has provided a review of the planning policies of the major parties for the 2018 State Election - go to


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